Boko Haram

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The Nigerian terrorist group, Boko Haram, has sunk to a new low in its campaign to spread ignorance and stupidity (the name means "Western education is forbidden"). On 2014 Apr 14 it kidnapped over two hundred schoolgirls with the intent of selling them into slavery. Of course, we all know what kind of person would buy a teen-aged girl and for what vile purpose.


The retarded boys of Boko Haram wanted to show off their bravery,

so they kidnapped hundreds of innocent girls for sale into abject slavery.


The sale will attract all the perverts from every part of Nigeria

with a teen-aged girl entree offered in a deviant-sex cafeteria.


Boko Haramís claim to be a moral force is now well and truly dead.

This act of catering to child molesters has shot it through the head.


Boko Haram is a giant anus, operated by a demented twit.

Nothing comes out of Boko Haram but an endless stream of shit.


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