A Bit of Understanding

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There are two magic words that every girl should know and keep readily at hand,

if the heart and soul of a teen-aged boy she might want to understand.

The average boy wants all the girls to think that the words are "suave" and "debonair".

He wants to be seen as a man about town, just reeking of savoir faire.

In his youth he wanted to play and have nothing to do with girls.

He didn't want his boyish life bothered by anything in petticoats and curls.

But then puberty hit him; yes, it shot him with its hormone-laden dart,

and now virtually every girl he sees steals away his heart.

He'll have you believe he is ultraswell and smoothly sophisticated,

and it works just as long as you don't talk to any of the girls he's dated.

It's really not a malicious thing, but more a case of self-delusion,

so now you know why you want to keep him in that blissful state of confusion.

He's really not a mystery, though he would have you think otherwise.

But the typical boy is a simple thing, just another one of the guys.

Of all the Roman gods, he believes, he's favored most by Cupid.

Don't believe a word of it, girls! The magic words are "crude" and "stupid".


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