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    Consider the miser; study his ways;

    How obsession with wealth fills his days.

Heís one of Mammonís most abject slaves.

The more money he has, the more he craves.

    When heís gained vast wealth he doesnít feel heís finished.

    Itís not enough to be enlarged; others must be diminished.

Yes, he will argue and on this point he will always touch.

The rich have too little money; the poor have way too much.

    Itís called a deadly sin because it takes a terrible toll.

    It enters a manís heart and proceeds to kill his soul.

"Whatís in it for me?" he demands before filling any human need.

No, thereís no room for generosity in a heart filled with greed.

    "Greed is good", the stooge of Satan asserts,

    as he strives to turn men into moral perverts.

And this is the part thatís truly outrageous;

The sin of greed is highly contagious.

    Heís most successful in using the lure of bright gold

    in the market where politicians are bought and are sold.

He counts as his heroes the worst of corporate tax cheats

and admires the self-indulgence of billionaire deadbeats.

    To support civil society he wonít pay his fair share;

    though millions will suffer, he just doesnít care.

Itís the love of money, every Christian knows,

that serves as the root from which evil grows.

    Christ told the rich man, under moneyís vile spell,

    that when he dies he will certainly go to Hell.

Oh, he believes that his way into Heaven he can wheedle.

Yeah, just as soon as a camel goes through the eye of a needle.

    So the day will come when he goes to Forevermore,

    where heíll spend eternity as the poorest of the poor.


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