The Vile Asswipes of Wall Street

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In the year Twenty-Oh-Eight there came the Great Recession

and only luck kept it from becoming another Great Depression.


I know it=s true; there is no doubt; I feel it in my bones.

The greedy asswipes of Wall Street are Bernie Madoff clones.


They drove millions into poverty with greed their only reason.

They call it Ajust doing business@; I call it committing treason.


They brought America to her knees and left us in the lurch.

It=s time to set up guillotines in front of Trinity Church.


At the end of the Eighteenth Century the French stood for their rights

and freed their lovely country from the greedy parasites.


So far our reaction to this atrocity has been much too tame.

Let=s look at what the French did. We can do the same.


P.I.G. and Goldman Sucks are among the worst offenders,

wasting other people=s wealth like drunks on endless benders.


They got million-dollar bonuses that would take away your breath.

For what they did to our country, they should have gotten death.


They think that they look admirable for their real-estate bubble caper.

In fact they have all the value and appeal of well-used toilet paper.


They say it=s Asurvival of the fittest@, trying to give Darwin the blame,

but evolution does not apply where the scumbags have rigged the game.


The sneersnots feel their stolen wealth makes them something superior,

but they belong in a place people usually locate deep in Earth=s interior.


For them let=s make church bells ring a cold and empty knell

and pray God damn their greedy souls to the lowest pit of Hell.


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