Ann Coulter

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Inspired by the 2007 Oct 08 incident in which the ever-repulsive Ms. Coulter told the Jewish host of a television talk show that she wants to see the Jews "perfected" by conversion to Christianity.

Her daddy was a union buster. He despised the working man

for having the gall to interfere with the rich man's favorite plan

to grind the poor and the working class into a slave-like state

and to steal most of the flood of wealth that they work to generate.

The daughter became a lawyer, so this is kind of a lawyer joke,

so that at the forces of decency and fairness she could take a vicious poke.

Physically she resembles Popeye's girl, a blond version of Olive Oyl,

but on the body politic she's just a big, fat, festering boil.

She's a vile social Darwinist, Paris Hilton's evil twin sister.

Smug and self-righteous, she's America's own infected herpes blister.

She truly hates democracy; for Christianity she has only contempt.

And from the rules of common decency she believes she should be exempt.

She's an extragassy neocon petard, America's own poison pill,

the witch who will eat your children, the princess of ill-will.

She's the queen of nasty invective. Of that there is no doubt.

Whenever she opens her gaping maw, poison spiders come leaping out.

Her comments about "The Jersey Girls" were certainly her finest hit.

Yes, upon the widows of a terrorist attack she would deign to spit.

The Jersey Girls are publicity hounds who are glad their husbands are dead.

I know it sounds despicable, but that's what our Annie said.

And their husbands were going to divorce them and each is a contemptible hag,

and they ought to hurry to pose in the nude for some pornographic rag.

Yeah, she's one big honking blow job for America's privileged elite,

because if she had to get an honest job, she would be living on the street.

Perhaps we could send her to the future; she's Eloi through and through.

And imagine her as the main ingredient in a Morlock's pot of stew.

She calls herself a polemicist and she likes to stir the pot.

She knows how to upset decent folks and she gives it all she's got.

She likes to create social turmoil and she enjoys the aftermath.

Psychologist have a word for that; the word is psychopath.

She calls herself a Christian, but there's just one little hitch;

there's a difference between being Christian and being a rabid bitch.

Now she's gone and done it again and there's just no way to fix it

as she steps her foot into the pasture pie then into her mouth she sticks it.

She was on TV just gassing off with a decent Jewish man

when she laid out for everyone to hear her ideal social plan.

From the depths of Evil's ugliest spring the vile pustulence rose

and spewed from the frothing blowhole of Hell that sits beneath her nose.

Yes, conversion to Christianity is the plan she has projected

as the only way that the benighted Jews can ever be perfected.

Now here's an inconvenient fact and if she doesn't know it, she should;

nobody has to be coerced into accepting something that's truly good.

Forcible conversion is only for a religion that's of all value destitute,

so it brings Christianity and its believers into deepest disrepute.

But perhaps that's what Ann really intends, that's her ulterior plan.

Because true Christianity is not for the rich; it's meant for the working man.

No, she doesn't believe in that Bible crap; it's only a means to an end.

She only honks up those obsolete doctrines that are guaranteed to offend.

Jesus told us to help the poor; that's a fact we all know well,

a fact that Ann Coulter will discover when she dies and goes to Hell.


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