An Irish Delight

2009 Mar 14

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Just in time for St. Patrick's Day.

It's said that many years ago Saint Patrick did decree

that all the snakes leave Erin's land and go beyond the sea.

But in their going the slithery ones ensured that we'd not find

certain other rare-like specimens of their scaly ilk and kind.

There is an Irish animal that does not seem to be missed

though in all of Ireland this Irish creature just does not exist.

You'll search in vain through all of Eire for this foine great reptoile.

Sure, you'll just not find a trace of the sneaky Croc O'Doyle.

And there once was an Irish animal whose power could not be resisted,

but sadly this animal went extinct long before Ireland existed.

It was a highly entertaining creature and sure would never bore us.

It was Blarney, the Irish dinosaur, the mighty Tyrone O'Saurus.

Of all the cold-blooded Irish creatures that could give you a nasty bite,

there's one great basilisk of a killer that you simply don't want to fight.

It's a giant Irish lizard, though we really shouldn't be braggin'

about him whose mouth is filthy as a toilet, the deadly Commode O'Dragon.

To keep us safe in Ireland, Saint Patrick had just what it takes,

but sometimes we feel a bit wistful over certain relations of those snakes.

Sure we'll lay claim to the nationality of any great reptile,

so long as it stays far away from our lovely Emerald Isle.


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