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    A collection of little science-fiction and fantasy stories that I have accumulated over the years.


GO TO: Extrapolation; "Chance favors the prepared mind," Louis Pasteur told us, but prepared for what?

GO TO: For the Thoroughly Modern Shaman; If certain people had been just a little more disease-resistant.

GO TO: Quetzalcoatl's Angels; Nah, this'll never happen.

GO TO: The Wasp; Hi ho, hi ho, to Dubyastan we go!

GO TO: On Bohr's Wave Theory of the Atom; What?!  You don't recognize this?  Are you sure you're in the right Universe?

GO TO: Fruit of The Difference Engine; Oh, how we stumble when we lack vision!

GO TO: Two Recipes; How to make two delicious entrees, one of which will kill you to death.

GO TO: Entanglement; "Deep in interstellar hyperspace...."

GO TO: The Investment; Sometimes Opportunity knocks, sometimes it kicks down the door.

GO TO: Don't Think About Renegade Robots; Forget you read this...if you can.

GO TO: Tommy Discovers How the Ocean Makes Waves; a trifle juvenile, but an empirical-inductive gem nonetheless

GO TO: Eve; Oh, the terror of leaving the cradle!

GO TO: The Night Before Supable; with apologies to Clement Moore.

GO TO: The Secret of the Grail; "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." -- A. C. Clarke.  "But only if the people are sufficiently retarded." -- El Subversivo.

GO TO: Cycle; Deja vu with a vengeance.

GO TO: Excessive Use of Farce; a truly, hideously bad science-fiction pun.

GO TO: Sunday, the 28th of January, De Anno Domini 1900; The best laid plans of mice and men need to beware of side effects.  Transcribed from a reading by the recipient.

GO TO: Word Ladders; A variation on a theme by Lewis Carroll.

GO TO: A Bible-licious Fable; How an oppressed people maintain their morale until they defeat the oppression.

GO TO: An Act of Mechanical Piracy; Argh! Whirr! Click!

GO TO: Political Expediency; Who was Talion, again?

GO TO: Word Ladders II; Variations on a Theme of Darwin and Wallace.

GO TO: Word Ladders III; A Fantasia on Astrophysical Themes.

GO TO: Why?; A Meditation on Motivation.

GO TO: Some Thoughts on D.B. Cooper; How Did the Putz Get Away With It?

GO TO: Jap Sub!; This would have been funny in 1942.

GO TO: Infinity; It's bigger and lonelier than we imagined.

GO TO: How to Care for a Plastic Raincoat; For the 1950's nostalgia buff.


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