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GO TO: Chapter One; On the Wind Roof of the World

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GO TO: Chapter Three; Courting the Runes

GO TO: Chapter Four; Buzzards or Eagles?

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GO TO: Chapter Six; The Art of Flight

GO TO: Chapter Seven; A Wedding in Trollhavn

GO TO: Chapter Eight; A New Story

GO TO: Chapter Nine; "A Basket to Carry Our Hopes"

GO TO: Chapter Ten; Freyja's Gift

GO TO: Epilogue; A Skald's Gladness

GO TO: Preamble to the Appendices

GO TO: Appendix I; The Norse Creation Myth

GO TO: Appendix II; The Lay of Thrym

GO TO: Appendix III; The Binding of Fenrir

GO TO: Appendix IV; Choosers of the Slain

GO TO: Appendix V; And Then?

GO TO: Addendum I; Only if You Know a Little Norwegian

GO TO: Addendum II; Analysis of the Pseudomyth

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