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You are a song the world sings, there’s been none before like you.

Woven out of ancient dream-time rhythms, your self-song is entirely new.


The ætherial chords of memory weave the melody of your life

and sing of your achievements and of how you cope with strife.


Jazz-like, you improvise your melody as through the world you go,

from all that you have experienced and all the things you know.


But think not that you sing alone, for others fill a profound need.

Sometimes you’ll sing backup and sometimes you’ll sing lead.


But from the deeper background come melodies to inspire,

to guide us on our life-long quest and lift our spirits higher.


Upon the simplest melodies the grandest works are based,

referring to deep human experiences that cannot be erased.


So we weave the fabric of human civilization on the loom of time

and bring into Reality our dreams most beautiful and sublime.


Hear, then, songs of ancient faraway lands, of people familiar yet strange,

and know that however much the world evolves, some things will never change.


So immerse yourself in the grand rhythm of Humanity’s elegant wail

and come into perfect harmony with the love-gift of a fairy tale.


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