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The Art and Science of guiding spaceships through the endless void.

Book I: Interplanetary Astrogation

GO TO: The Constants of Astrogation

GO TO: Spherical Trigonometry and Celestial Coordinates

    GO TO: Galactic Coordinates

    GO TO: Coordinate Conversion Equations

    GO TO: Converting the Coordinates of Proper Motion

GO TO: Earth's Orbit

    GO TO: Appendix - The Years

    GO TO: Appendix - The Perpetual Calendar

    GO TO: Appendix - Calculating Perihelion Passage

GO TO: Orbital Longitude by Newton's Cycloid Method

GO TO: Plotting a Heliocentric Gravity Turn

GO TO: Executing a Heliocentric Gravity Turn

Book II: Interstellar Astrogation, Relativistic

GO TO: Relativistic Dead Reckoning

GO TO: Pulsars and the Galactic Positioning System

Book III: Interstellar Astrogation, Hyperspatial

GO TO: The Relativity of Hyperspace

Book IV: Destinations


GO TO: Mercury

GO TO: Jupiter


GO TO: The Astrogators' Guide to Stellar Location and Orientation

GO TO: The Astrogators' Guide to Stellar Motions

GO TO: The Astrogators' Guide to Magnitude and Luminosity

GO TO: Alpha Centauri

GO TO: Barnard's Star

GO TO: Alpha Canis Majoris (Sirius)

GO TO: Epsilon Eridani

GO TO: 61 Cygni

GO TO: Alpha Canis Minoris (Procyon)

GO TO: Tau Ceti

GO TO: Altair

GO TO: Eta Cassiopeiae

GO TO: Gliese 581

GO TO: 40 Eridani

GO TO: Gamma Virginis

GO TO: 18 Scorpii


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